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June 3, 2018

Tadoba continues to provide abundant tiger sightings and spectacular behaviour.  Maya, an 8 year-old tigress, has been the star attraction this week providing spectacular views of her family. She has two young cubs of about 6 months, who are incredibly playful. Their f...

May 31, 2018

There are few things better than seeing a tiger.  Seeing six tigers at once is certainly one such thing.

We are currently in Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve, Central India, looking for Tigers as well as the other wildlife.  On the 29th May we certainly found some, a family...

March 20, 2018

Sadly it's become necessary to update this post.  On March 20th I heard the sad news from Ranthambhore that T28, also known as Star Male or Sitara, died of natural causes. Tragically, it was not natural causes.  While the truth is sometimes hard to establish the events...

August 18, 2016

It's with great sadness that I received the news today, August 18th 2016, that Machali passed away at 9:50 am (Indian time) as a result of extreme old age.  She was born during the monsoon months of 1997 making her an incredible 19 years old.  In her prime she occupied...

June 1, 2014

........ a new record for our group.


So ended our shortest visit to Ranthambhore.  In a week when sightings across the park were hard to come by, we managed to see a tiger on 8 or the 11 game drives with ten individuals seen, three of them new to us.  The stand out mom...

May 27, 2014

On the 26th May, we had a magnificent sighting on the tigress known as T39 or Mala.  It started with a close encounter and ended with following her as she set about hunting deer.  She currently has cubs, her second litter, but sadly observation suggests she only has on...

May 27, 2014


Trouble connecting to the internet has somewhat limited my blogging, which is a shame because Ranthambhore continues to deliver tiger sightings.  While sightings across the park seem to be very limited, our lucky streak shows no sign of ending. 

Highlights to date...

May 25, 2014



A fantastic first day with three tigers seen in two drives.  After a horrible journey that involved a 2 hour delay in Heathrow and a missed train in Delhi as a consequence, we arrived in Tiger Moon at 23:30.  After food and some unpacking and preparation for the...

February 20, 2014

Despite deciding we were going to "do something different this year" we've decided to return for a short visit to Ranthambhore.  It's hard not to want to catch up with the lives of all the tigers, not to mention the possibilities of seeing small cubs.

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September 12, 2019

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