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Autumn Badger

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

For the couple of weeks I've had the absolute pleasure of watching badgers out of the window where I work. It started when I noticed the appearance of a badger at approx. 5:30pm on my trail camera. I hadn't appreciated that the badgers were moving along the side of the building while the lights were still on and people were moving about. I decided to place a few peanuts in the top of a rotten tree stump in the hope that the badger would return and hang around. It did the very next day. Over the last week most members of staff have had the opportunity to see a live badger, quite often for the first time.

The last couple of evenings I set my DSLR camera trap up but instead of a PIR trigger, I watched through the window with a wireless shutter release. I was very careful at first to only fire the flash once and then wait for the badger to return to feeding. Within three flashes it was ignoring the flash altogether. I haven't caught the image I'd hoped for so far. Next time, next time.

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