I was fortunate enough to work for the British Antarctic Survey for over 18 years.  These images were captured on my final visit in 2011

Blue berg
At first glance the icebergs appear to be white, but closer inspection reveals them to be a wide palette of blue.
Light show
I've often heard people suggest that Antarctica must lack colour "what with it being all white and lacking trees". Hopefully this image dispels that myth. The truth is that Antarctica is an ever changing canvas of colours that vary from hour to hour, and season to season.
Leopard Seal
This is the view I saw one evening as I stood on a rock along the edge of the sea. I hadn't noticed this large female leopard seal until I turned to look to my side and saw her staring at me just like this.
Hugely thrilling to be so close to a major Antarctic predator but a little unnerving that she had sneaked up to within 2 metres of me without me knowing.
Leopard Seal
Weddell Seal
Is there anything that looks more content than a sleeping Weddell Seal?
Weddell Seal
The classic Antarctic Penguin, a true bird of the deep south. Their natural curiosity is so endearing and makes them such willing subjects.
South Georgia Fur Seal
This sub-mature male fur seal, like many of his subspecies, has started to travel down the Antarctic Peninsula following the breeding season on South Georgia. 20 years ago they were unheard along the coast of Adelaide Island.
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