DSLR homebrew set up v.2

I've made quite a few upgrades to the setup over the last 12 months.  Most notably I've switched to using a Camtraption PIR v2, as well as Camtraption wireless triggers and receivers.  I've also managed to pick up a couple of ST28 flashes.  All of these changes have had to fit into the original case I built for the Canon 5D.

DSLR homebrew set up v.1

Here's a quick view of my DSLR camera trap set up.  Most of the build is based on the super helpful guide found on www.camtrapper.com

There's a lot of inspiration and technical solutions on there.  I'll try and put together a list of items used to make this set up.  I attempted to do this as cheaply as possible but I haven't worked out what the final price was.  I'll probably shock myself when I do.

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