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About me

As a geologist I've spent a significant period of my adult life in the outdoors, often in remote and beautiful places. Exposure to nature in this way inevitably lead to a fascination with its wildlife.  However, it was not until a visit to India to see wild tigers that my interest in photography really took hold and I've been on a journey to improve my images every since.

In addition to capturing and sharing the wonders of nature, I love the way that high speed, macro and sometimes just regular photography allows you to see so much more than the naked eye.

I hope you enjoy your visit

This is Wendy, a wild, female,  South Georgia Fur Seal.  Wendy was totally unique within the five million-strong population at the time, in that she craved human interaction.  This was a behaviour initiated by her.  It was amazing to meet her.


I'm a Canon enthusiast.

My first significant lens investment was an EF 500mm f4.0 IS, which is magnificently sharp and still my favourite lens.  Once you've invested in the big glass and possibly added other L lenses, switching to another system is prohibitively expensive.  That said I'm more than happy with the kit I own, even if I need to do some weight training to handhold the 500mm these days.

Camera trapping

I've built a couple of DSLR camera traps and deployed them around my local area.  With some fieldwork to determine likely animal behaviour, it's possible to capture wonderful and surprising images.  Unfortunately, finding appropriate areas to deploy the setups is a limiting factor and human disturbance and theft are continual risks in a densely populated country like the UK.


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