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White Tip - finally


Introducing White Tip, named for fairly obvious reasons.

Well it's taken some time but I final managed to photograph White Tip, albeit it very poor light. He's a very cautious fox, painfully so, approaching the honey pot that Sam Fox regularly scent marks. He was already backing away before I fired the shutter for the first time. He stayed for a little longer, cocked his leg to scent mark, before melting away into the hedge.

A frustratingly short sighting for so long in the hide but I think I was lucky to see this. The whole week has seen very few fox sightings. White Tip was seen on Monday behaving in exactly the same manner, after which the only day light sighting was Sam Fox caught on the trail cams. Most visits appear to be occuring after dark. Not sure what's caused this change in bahaviour, perhaps it's the cloudy weather, as the previous sunny week the foxes were seen on a very regular basis, with White Tip and Sam Fox even curled up in the sun on the 6th Feb. (I was in Wales so missed it).


White Tip scent marking.

Other than White Tip's short visit things were pretty quite in front of the hide. The usual squirrels, pheasants and woodland birds. It was quite interesting watching the magpies observing the squirrels caching peanuts then immediately swooping in to steal the nut as soon as the squirrel turned its back.


Heather, our disabled hen pheasant. She's remarkably tolerant of me as I also put some seed down if I see her. She now runs to me whenever she sees me.

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