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Badgers again and a Broken Tail update


My third night trying for badgers was much more successful than the second, when there was one out of focus image. However, success was some what qualified with only two images containing face shots. The remaining fifty odd images old Brock had its head hidden behind the mossy log. Hopefully I've learned some lessons about setting up the site. We'll see.

Broken Tail

I've been perplexed this week by the apparent injury to Broken Tail. She was seen two days running with a severe limp and then within half an hour she turned up absolutely fine. The only conclusion I have at the moment is that Broken Tail is in fact two foxes that look very similar even down to a kink in the tail, but Broken Tail's kink is more pronounced. Perhaps they are siblings from last year who are hanging around in Sam's territory? If so, we have four foxes. This conclusion might explain why the limping fox was behaving so much more nervously that Broken Tail.

Broken Tail (uninjured) was seen today and was feeding confidently. No photos I'm afraid as I was in a meeting (grumpy face)

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