• Mike Curtis

New Year and a change of subject...

....... Until the Fox returns :)

Had a nice Saturday with old friends photographing birds at a site with dedicated photography hides. Unfortunately the weather was not great and light conditions were pretty appalling all day, particularly when we were with the Kingfishers. Many of the hides have a blank screen in the background behind where the subjects appear. When the lighting is good it can produce some striking images but in poor light it produces a dull aqua marine colour and the images will need a lot of post processing to correct. We were, however, lucky to get the Kingfisher with a natural background. To see the difference good light can make for the screen background see my Kingfisher gallery in the Gallery tab.

Click on gallery below for high resolution views

#Kingfisher #Kestrel #Hide #Reflections #BlueTit #GreatTit #Robin


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