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Foxy update

OK, there's not actually that much to report. It's the time of year when foxes are busy mating and preparing to have cubs. It's typical that they seem to disappear and stop all the regular visits and behaviour. That's very true for Bob, who I've hardly seen since the Christmas vacation. He's appeared on camera trap and I think I've seen him a couple of times, but the interesting thing was seeing two vixens and Bob all within about a two hour period. One vixen is quite slight and didn't look in fantastic condition, possibly a youngster from last year, but the other was a beautiful looking girl in fabulous condition. Both have small white tips to their tails, remeniscent of Brokentail (2015). I'd need a much longer look at her to try and compare.

What does seem clear is that Sam the dominant vixen from 2015 is no longer in the area. Sadly is seems that the population turn over is quite high.

A picture of Bob from December 2016 in wonderful winter light.


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