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2024 Fox project

Updated: May 7

I've been following this Cambridge vixen throughout the winter. I'm not exactly sure who she is as she doesn't look like any of the cubs from the last couple of years, so I presume she's from a different fox lineage.

I'm certain she gave birth in mid-March when she disappeared for 10 days before reappearing in late March with milk-laden teats. Since then I've placed some supplemental food in the field when I see her. I'm pleased to say that she's starting to accept my presence and will now stay in the field when I put the food out. Over the last couple of days I've taken my camera with me and she's quickly overcome her initial shyness of having the camera pointed at her. To say I was thrilled to be able to sit in the field with her and take photographs from such a great perspective is an understatement.

My fingers are firmly crossed that she'll bring her cubs to the field at the end of April.

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