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Normality returning equals foxes

As life in the UK slowly edges toward something resembling normality, I've started to visit the office more regularly and to my joy there are at least three adult foxes in the immediate environment. Two of these, a red male and blonde vixen, are in fantastic condition and are quite bold. To make the experience even better April has seen a lot of sunny weather resulting in beautiful evening light for photography.

As we missed pretty much the whole of last year's fox watching due to covid19, we are not sure who these individuals are. Based on security camera footage, we do know that a local vixen had three cubs during 2020. Given that these individuals are clearly comfortable in each other's company they could be two of those cubs. The third fox, a vixen, has a terribly lame rear left leg and looks awfully like 'White-eye' from 2019, who we suspect was the mother for the 2020 cubs.

To date, we've seen no evidence of cubs in the area, which is a shame, but there's always time of a vixen to relocate her cubs to the nearby woodland. Fingers crossed.

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