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Fair weather foxes


Broken Tail

Well, I'm pretty convinced that our fox sightings are related to the weather. Another quite beautiful winter's day and Broken Tail appeared during lunch hour. This correlation will be tested tomorrow when the weather is supposed to get worse, so I'm not expecting much of a sighting.

Anyway, Broken Tail provided a fantastic show for about 6 minutes. He was typically cautious about entering Sam Fox's feeding area but while he respected Sam's heavily scent-marked honey bowl, he did find and dig up the buried morsels of dog meat. It was nice to see him get a little reward.

Interestingly, Broken Tail left the field as soon as he'd finished eating and again did not scent mark anywhere. While he did look into the camera frequently, much of his nervous glances were away from his human onlookers and his ears were often directed back to the woodland. He clearly looked like a fox who knew he shouldn't get caught trespassing on Sam's patch.

Suffice to say I'm completely hooked on these stunning animals.


Broken Tail getting a morsel of meat

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