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Good god .... It works, it works !!!


A very chubby Sam Fox

I guess it was inevitable that Sam would be my first DSLR camtrap image. I can't tell you how excited I was to see these images this morning after deploying my home made DSLR setup. It survived a day of absolutely foul weather and then delivered a decent set of images. OK, the composition could be improved a lot and I need to reconsider the flash set up but my goodness I'm pleased with the start.


Above is a great side view of Sam Fox showing her large belly. I think there's little doubt now that she's pregnant. I shall be excited beyond if I get to photograph her cubs, whether it's by camtrap or in person.


Just before first light in the morning the camtrap received a visit from another fox. It's not entirely clear if it's Broken Tail or White Tip but I think it's probably Broken Tail.


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