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Latest camera trap images

Well, it must be said the local fox population have completely changed their behaviour and are now totally nocturnal. This might be due to some heavy weight refurbishment occurring to a building about 150m away which makes some pretty loud clangs throughout the day.

Anyway, camtrapping has proved more tricky than my first two or three attempts suggested it would be. I've had to sort out a few hardware issues which have ruined a couple of set ups, and at others the local rodent population has hogged the stage! Despite these set backs I'm certainly improving my reading and understanding of animal tracks and signs.

I'm also working a bit harder on visualising better compositions, more on that tomorrow hopefully. However, I think of the badger images below, the upper one is a better composition.

It's not only the wildlife that is making an appearance on the camtrap. The cat below was an unwelcome visitor at the fox site, but at least it posed beautifully.

And here's a cute little fella that had its photo taken about 20 times last night. It's a pretty heavily cropped image as camera was set up for badgers, but it's hugely cute Yellow Necked Mouse. One of these days I might attempt a setup to get closer images of this little guy.

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