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Taking up the fight for these badgers

It's been quite some time since I posted anything. Much of the reason for that is that I've become embroiled in a fight with a development company that is planning to build a permenant cycle path within 5 metres of the main badger sett in the area.

Sadly, they have no mitigation plan for this construction phase or afterwards. These badgers have been present for several years in a largely unvisited woodland in the centre of agricultural fields. Unless something changes the future will be hundreds of people travelling past everyday with the sett exposed to everyone. No doubt the number of people entering the woods will increase by orders of magnitude and dogs will also have easy access.

There seems to be little appetite from the developers to do anything to reduce the impact on the badgers, but I'll be as big a pain in the arse as possible to these people in the hope they will see sense. The alternative is that these beautiful animals, who are supposedly protected by law will be driven out of their sett.

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