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Sadly the fight begins again to protect our foxes

This is not about politics, it's about what is morally right.

The new Conservative Government want to repeal the band on hunting foxes with hounds. They want to do this so that a small minority of their supporters can get a kick out of a fox being chased across the countryside and torn apart while still alive. That's it, no other reason. There is no difference between this and badger baiting, which is also rightfully banned, except for the class of people who participate. The end result is a wild animal deliberately killed by dogs for the enjoyment and recreation of morally retarded people. This is immoral, uncivilised and inhuman.

The beautiful Sam Fox who's rural cousins could be ripped limb from limb for the depraved enjoyment of a few people. In a civilised society there should be no room for such depravity. Shame on this government.

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