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A lovely Friday evening spent in the company of a couple of badgers

At 7pm the large female badger that I'd seen on Wednesday appeared again. She's incredibly bold and pays no attention at all to the sound of the camera. While it's fantastic to have an animal so calm in front of you, the down side is that she never lifts her nose out of the dirt.

A tight crop from the first image. You can see a teat, which is how I realised this individual was female.

In contrast, this smaller badger was aware of the camera shutter and stopped on a couple of occasions to look in the direction of my hide. On this occasion it stopped mid stride for a couple of seconds, which is a good thing because light levels were hideous forcing me to shoot at ISO8000 and F2.8, 1/100th.

The pile of rubble the badgers are standing on is actually the spoil tip they have dug out of their burrow. My camera lens was positioned about 8 inches for the floor of the woodland, which is flat, giving some idea of how much soil they have moved as I'm shooting up at them.

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