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The blue flash

I've wanted to photograph kingfishers for an awful long time. I got the opportunity this week at a specially established photographic hide in Worcestershire and was not disappointed by the amount of kingfisher activity or the photo ops. Given that we are in the middle of the autumn, direct sunlight was obscured for much of the day by trees but I was lucky to get some fantastic late afternoon light. My guess is that light would be better in the summer or early autumn.

Photographing a diving kingfisher is very tricky, it took quite a few goes to catch anything of the dive as they move so quickly from the perch, even at 11 frames a second you only get one chance of an image on the way down. It's well worth the effort to see things that happen too fast for the eye. It could become quite addictive, although I now have close to one thousand images to prune. More images will appear in the kingfisher gallery (see main menu bar) when I start processing them.

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