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Hedgehog selfie

I've been in the process of upgrading / repairing my DSLR camera trap for quite some time following the failure of a couple of flashes. Can't say I've been getting the technical performance I'm looking for, maybe the use of cheap flashes is the issue?

Anyway, I was testing the system in the garden last night and managed to capture some images of our hedgehog. These wonderful little creatures are in serious trouble in the UK seemingly due to habitat loss. We can all do our little bit to help them out by making our gardens accessible to them. Just a small hole at the bottom of a gate or fence can connect gardens/habitats. Hedgehogs eat many garden pests such as slugs, so let them in. For further information on how you can make your garden hedgehog friendly go to www.hedgehogstreet.org/

Spike, exiting the hedgehog house.

#Hedgehog #cameratrap

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