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Cam trapping can be so frustrating

I've been deploying my DSLR cam trap for several days now, intent on photographing Bob our resident male Red Fox. Unfortunately my efforts have been beset by technical failures, as well as a bit of rustiness with my setup technique.

Frustratingly, I'm experiencing a lot of flash triggering failures. I've changed the flash units since my initial successes and this might be the cause. I'm hoping to use Yungnuo 600EX flashes, copies of Canon's speedlite 600EX, but I'm beginning to think that they're not up to the job. They appear to be turning themselves off despite switching off the sleep function. A potential solution would be to switch from wireless flash triggers to fixed wires but that limits the set up options, costs a bit, and requires new holes to be drilled into the weatherproof cases which I'm not too keen to do.

Anyway, here are a few images taken of Bob the Fox in ambient light.

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