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What a day with Bob fox and friends!

Camera trapping is fine but you can't beat looking down the lens at beautiful animals. It was a special Sunday watching not just Bob, the male Red Fox, but his presumed mate, and a pair of Muntjac Deer.

It was fascinating watching Bob's behaviour. He visited the field site several times and spent some time searching for the sprinkle of dog biscuits I used to encourage him to hang around. During his visits he charged a rabbit and also stalked a rat about 5 metres in front of me. While some people vilify these beautiful animals, Bob demonstrated why they deserved to be allowed a place in our landscape, they prey on rodents thus keeping their populations in check. This is an ecological service they provide for free. I also witnessed a female Muntjac scare off Bob and his mate (assumed) much to my surprise. So much for their ferocious cold-blooded killer reputation.

The other great surprise of the day was finding out that male Muntjac deer have enlarged canine teeth or tusks. I guess there's no reason I should have known but it's one of the great things about photography; it allows you to see things you'd otherwise miss.

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