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Oh Mr Fox what big teeth you have

I don't normally show an image of a fox showing its teeth as I can almost hear some people saying negative things about its nature. The truth, as usual, is far from the myth. A significant proportion of a fox's diet is made up of earthworms. Yes, that right, earthworms. On wet evenings foxes are often seen out in fields 'worming'. Of course the amazing teeth are not those of an exclusive 'wormer', they hunt rodents and rabbits, the latter again being an important part of their diet. In the autumn fruit forms an important addition to their diet. Yes, if people do not secure their poultry a fox will take advantage but they don't kill for fun. if allowed to, the fox will return multiple times to remove the bodies to bury or cache it for future hard times. Being a predator is challenging, a fine balance between starving and getting sufficient food. When there is a lot of food easily available it is hardly surprising that a fox takes full advantage.

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