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A beautiful end to depressing week

Well, it's hard not to express my horror and disappointment at global political developments this week. No doubt it's going to be a tough 4 years for the global environment, conservation and wildlife. It's also been a very busy week in work, so the opportunities for seeing the local fox, Bob, have been limited. Bob's also been working a different shift, arriving later in the day. It's interesting to see his routine change over the weeks.

Currently, he's far more mobile on his visits to the field moving rapidly around and not hanging about. He looks like a fox on a mission. It's hard to tell what's causing this but certainly now that he's not such a novelty people are less inclined to lower their voices or avoid making loud clangs with cups and crockery, so he might getting a little disturbed.

The pictures below were taken in fabulous mid afternoon November light. Click for high resolution view

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