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This one was not an April fool

I'm in the process of preparing a new camera trap site for badgers and foxes which is looking quite promising, but in the meantime I've been enjoying seeing a couple of pairs of Bullfinch visit our feeders at work. At times we've had 5 Bullfinch visit at the same time, 2 pairs and a spare male. One of the interesting sights was a Blue Tit with a malformed beak. The poor little guy seems to have a slight cross bill which has prevented the tips from wearing against each other, with the result it has a twisted beak approx. 3-4 times its normal length. It clearly manages to feed at the various feeders but I wonder how efficient it will be at catching caterpillars when the season comes. That said, will it find a mate and if so could it feed a chick?

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My main objective was to photograph the bullfinch, which although they visited several times, they didn't perch together other than on the feeder. However, one handsome male perched in the open which was fabulous but I'll have to hope for better luck in getting Mr & Mrs Bully together.

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