• Mike Curtis

Tough times for our wildlife

The 'Beast from the East' is not just making it inconvenient for people, it's putting our wildlife under real stress. All those unusual birds visiting your feeders are there because they are desperate for food. Our mammals will also be struggling during this prolonged cold snap.

I've been putting some food out near my regular badger sett (peanuts and dog biscuits) and there have been some very willing recipients. This badger was photographed using my DSLR camera trap setup on Tuesday night, before any snow had fallen. I've setup up again tonight in the hope of catching Megan Fox in the snow, as she carefully avoided being photographed on Tuesday (trail camera footage showed her hiding behind the tree that appears in this image). I'm not sure if the badgers will be out and about considering it's -7C. I'm also not sure that camera trap will even work in that temperature. Fingers crossed.

UPDATE: frustratingly my setup has developed a technical problem which might be associated with the cold. I'm getting a lens communication error (err 01) with the first trigger. It's massively frustrating because Megan Fox has spent about an hour each evening in front of the setup. I'm sourcing a new Canon 50mm f1.8 but it's not going to arrive until Monday due to the weather here in the UK. No doubt, the snow will be gone by the time I have a working setup. Grrrr

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