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A fabulous sighting of Muntjac deer

I had the best Muntjac Deer sighting ever this afternoon, with a pair of deer in the field for probably over half an hour. Normally they are skittish and pass through the field quickly but today the female sat down against the hedge and almost fell asleep in the spring sunshine. All the time a Muntjac stag wondered calmly around the field, disappearing into and behind the hedge occasionally. It was just charming to watch such flighty animals.

My DSLR cam trapping is improving now that I'm beginning to get to grips with my new Camtraptions PIR sensor. I've singularly failed to catch any images of the local foxes but I've captured hundreds of images of the local badgers, although in most images the badger's nose is in the ground. The two pictures below are my favourites from last week. A dark phase common pheasant also appeared in front of the cam trap allowing me to see the stupendous iridescence of their plumage.

Enjoy the gallery

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