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Ynystawe foxes, September 2018

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Finally had the chance to spend a few days back in Wales, where I have access to some private woodland. The foxes here provided some amazing camera trap images back in May, so I've been trying again. It must be said that the weather has not been too kind with storms Ali and Bronagh bringing wet and windy conditions which seems to have a detrimental effect on fox behaviour. There appear to be a least two foxes visiting the site. A bold fox with a slight white tip to its tail and a shy one with a dark tip.

The images below are of the bold fox, which is in such beautiful condition (click to see higher resolution).

I've one more wet and stormy night left to try and get some images, although I'm pretty happy with the two above. The image I'd hoped for, a fox jumping over a fence, will have to wait until another visit.

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