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Sensational day with the foxes

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Wow, what a morning with the Cambridge Foxes. It was a cold night with a hard frost and I fancied that the foxes were likely to be active and hungry. I got up early and headed to the field before 9 am, hiding some dog biscuits in various spots before retreating behind my camera. In a little over 5 minutes the first of three foxes arrived. I was delighted to see a male fox we call 'Boyfriend' for the first time. We've seen him a lot on trail camera accompanying our resident vixen, hence the name 'Boyfriend'. He's recognisable by his brush being the same colour as his body, with a small dark tip.

Delighted to eventually see 'Boyfriend'.

'Boyfriend' was scared off by the arrival of his 'girlfriend' Limpy or Robyn. After a few weeks of hanging around together it appears that they have gone their separate ways, mating season is over. Limpy is beautiful. She's still carrying her leg up most of the time but I did see her take a few steps on it. There's hope for her.

Limpy or Robyn, our resident vixen.

No sooner had Limpy had her fill of biscuits than our other male fox, Dark Tail, turned up. He hung around off and on for about an hour providing numerous photo opportunities.

Dark Tail gets quite close.

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