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Five cheetah coalition of the Mara

Without a doubt, the star attraction of the Maasai Mara in February 2019 was a coalition of five male cheetahs. We were lucky enough to see them on two occasions. The first was fabulous as an apparently lazy walk quickly turned into the four cat scuffle documented below. The whole thing started with all but one of the Cheetah lying down and at rest. The one on its feet adopted a stalking pose with its gaze focused on the coalition member lying at some distance from the rest. It suddenly accelerated toward and jumped on the unsuspecting cheetah. It didn't really develop into anything until another cheetah charged in and a scuffle broke out. Within seconds the fourth cheetah charged in and the mayhem continued. However, by the time the fifth cheetah arrived it calmed down and as quickly as it had started all 5 cheetah were lying down again and enjoying each others company.

We then enjoyed watching the cheetah moving individually or in groups toward a series of puddles to drink. When their thirst was slaked they sought out some bushes to rest for the morning and we had a chance for some portraits before leaving them to their own devices.

Usually, cheetah coalitions are formed by brothers, however, this coalition comprises just two brothers which were joined by 3 other males. They apparently have a tendency to bully one of the coalition members which is possibly what we had witnessed.

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