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Amboseli National Park is possibly the most famous location for African elephants in the world thanks to the research of Cynthia Moss and the many wildlife documentaries that were based on her knowledge of individual elephants and their herds. It's safe to say that if you like elephants then Amboseli will not disappoint; they are present in mind-boggling numbers. The abundance of the Elephants is truly a wonder of the natural world, it's a glimpse of how a great many regions of Africa once were before the wholesale poaching of elephants began in the latter half of the 20th century.

Personally I find elephants hugely challenging subjects to photograph, it's so difficult to portray their immense size or capture the complexity and tenderness of their characters. The photo I wanted more than any other was a herd walking in front of Kilimanjaro, it's the signature image of Amboseli, if not Africa. Given plenty of time it's quite possible to take a magnificent image, but in a day and a half, with so much to see, it's impossible to justify waiting in the right spot, for the right light conditions. I was lucky to get the image I did which was against the light, but for many visitors Kilimanjaro can be shrouded in cloud.

We had a real bonus of seeing a small pride of lions. They were quite distant but we witnessed tender relationship between not only a lioness and her cubs, but the cubs with their father. It was quite special.

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