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Lakes Nakuru and Naivasha

While not exactly en route between Nairobi and the Maasai Mara, Lakes Naivasha and Nakuru offer additional wildlife opportunities not easily seen elsewhere. This is especially so of Lake Nakuru, which is famed for its rhino population, both White and Black. We were fortunate in having an excellent sighting of a Black Rhino and multiple White Rhino.

One of Nakuru's other famed residents, Flamingo, are greatly reduced in number compared to 10 years previous. Apparently, unseasonal wet weather throughout 2018 caused an increased flow of fresh water into the lake, making its chemistry less alkaline and thus reducing the algae upon which the flamingo feed. The result of all this excess water is spectacularly evidenced by the extensive flooding of the lake margin, so much so, the old main entrance gate and its buildings are inundated. This is where we camped 10 years previously !

Lake Nakuru is not like any of the other national parks we visited. It's located on the edge of a quite sizeable town which abuts the park fence. We could hear the noises of the town from our beautiful lodge in the park which was a real shame. The park is also somewhat littered due to plastic becoming washed down from the town into the park along streams. Again this is really sad to see, another example of how plastic finds its way into the environment. All that said, Nakuru is remarkable for its Rhino and worth the long detour to see these magnificent creatures, as you are very lucky to see them elsewhere.

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