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No more fox cubs for a month

Updated: May 21, 2021

Unfortunately, I'm having an enforced break from the extended Cambridge fox family, as my day job takes me abroad for the next 4 weeks.

The last week has provided further insight into the makeup of the extended fox family. I've finally witnessed Auntie nursing a cub, proving our idea that she is the mother of two cubs, while the other six belong to White Eye. I haven't seen another male around, so I've no idea who the father of Auntie's cubs is. What is clear is that the two vixens are well known to each other and the resident male.

I've also belatedly started using a hide within the field where the foxes play in the evening. I'm quite annoyed with myself for not doing it sooner as the hide provides a lower angle of view, resulting in more aesthetically pleasing images. I delayed for fear of scaring the foxes but the cubs showed no concerns at all. However, I don't know what the adults thought of it as I didn't see them while in the hide.

The next time I see the fox family the cubs will, no doubt, have changed a lot.

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