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Amazing mums and cute cubs

Updated: May 7

Foxes are a constant source of fascination for me. It's not just because they are beautiful and resourceful animals, but because they have complex social relationships. Each year I've watched a fox family raise cubs I've seen something new, often something surprising, which adds new layers of social complexity to the general perception of fox behaviour I've read about. The class of 2024 is no different. As previously noted, this extended family comprises two vixens, both of which share a single den and also share the responsibilities of feeding their presumably combined litter of 5 or 6 cubs. We've seen six cubs on trail cam and out in the open, but I haven't seen six for a few days, so I'm beginning to fear one may have been lost.

In the gallery below, the top row of images are of Ruby with cubs, while the bottom right is Pintail. The two vixens are increasingly being seen together, which makes for quite a sight in the field when the cubs join them.

The video shows both Ruby and Pintail feeding the cubs at different times. I haven't noticed any preference shown by the cubs or the vixens as to who feeds from whom, instead they appear to be working cooperatively.

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