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Bear necessities

Updated: 6 days ago

We've experienced the strangest start to our Ranthambhore trip. While we would have expected to see a few tigers within the first two days, they have been somewhat reticent to show themselves with one notable exception. Instead, we've encountered some real rarities based on our previous experience in Ranthambhore. Foremost among these is the Sloth Bear, who until this trip had only been sighted on roughly 3% of our safaris. To date, we have already seen six bears in two days, including four in one game drive, and I can confirm that bears do indeed shit in the woods.

What has been so exceptional has been the nature of the sightings with the bears walking close to our safari vehicle (known locally as a Gypsy) with their heads up looking into the camera rather than snuffling along the ground.

I don't have much time as we are off once again for another safari. It's punishingly hot here at the moment, 45C, so it will be a long afternoon seeking tigers.

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