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Fox cubs and other animals

Ruby and Pintails cubs are about 9-10 weeks old in these photos. They are in their skinny-and-leggy stage with outsized ears. Two of them remain incredibly bold wandering around the outside of our office building but they are still happy to suckle from Pintail when she's around. As you notice from these images, the cubs' eyes have transitioned from blue to amber. They are also showing signs of predatory behaviour having been seen several times charging at squirrels, although their technique leaves much to be desired.

Just to prove that foxes are not the only animal I photograph in the UK, I've included a beautiful Muntjac doe and much to my delight, a hedgehog on my back lawn. It seems like ages since I've seen a 'hog' in my garden but this one looked healthy and happy searching for slugs and grubs. Don't be fooled by the image, this hedgehog was not out in daylight, it's illuminated by a security light that together with an ISO of 25000 allowed me to get this photo. A bit of image processing completes the look, especially the amazing AI Noise reduction in Lightroom.

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