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Foxes and badgers!

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Our skulk of foxes are still showing like clockwork. Blondie and Red21 are invariably first to appear, followed later in variable order by White Eye, the Lame Vixen, and Auntie. Over the last ten days, Red21 has presented with an eye infection that appeared to spread to his snout, causing it to be quite swollen for a few days. He looked most unhappy during this time. However, I'm glad to say that these infections appear to have cleared up very quickly and he's back to his handsome best.

Trail camera video footage, as well as sightings in the field, suggest that the Lame Vixen is also showing signs of an improvement of her injury. She's quite regularly putting weight on her leg and occasionally walks on it, but it's still a problem for her. That said, her overall condition appears to be improving, with fur growing back on her tail where there had previously been a worrying-looking bare patch.

White Eye, our lactating vixen, is still showing milk-laden teats, so somewhere she's still nursing cubs. Frustratingly, we've yet to see them, so perhaps her chosen den site is much further away than 2019 & 2020. All the foxes continue to get along better than most human families with incredible tolerance shown of each other. That tolerance has even been tested by our local badgers, who've started to turn up late in the evening. There's clear respect shown between the species, but there's little doubt the badger forages where it wants.

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