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OK, permission to completely lose your mind with cuteness overload... first fox cub of 2022

Updated: May 18, 2022

I knew that there were at least two cubs in the immediate area from camera trap footage, but I couldn't believe my eyes when this little beauty appeared.

As I had suspected for a while, last year's cubs - Dark Face, Scar and Dot - have stayed in their natal territory and have been helping to support their mum, White-Eye, as she raises another litter of cubs. This evening, both Scar and Dark Face were baby sitting the first cub to venture out of the woods. Despite being incredibly bold, the cub was intimidated by the crows causing it to run for cover between Scar's legs.

The whole scene was so relaxed. At one point Scar was lying down watching the cub, when Dark Face flopped down on top of her and their both stared at it. This didn't last for long as Dark Face was in playful mood and a play fight broke out with four pairs of legs waving in the air. This gave me a chance t observe Scar's belly where I saw no evidence to think Scar is male, so I'm sticking to my original assessment that Scar is female.

The cub's visit was ultimately quite short as it seemed to become unsettled by a barking muntjac deer and disappeared into the woods followed closely by its big sisters.

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