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High quality HD video of foraging badger

Christine and I had a fabulous evening at the badger sett. Plenty of badger activity, a brief visit from a strikingly coloured fox (no photos unfortunately) and finally a Muntjac deer.

The following video was shot using a DSLR, hence the resolution improvement on the last video. It's a female badger or sow who's very distinctive as she appears to have some sort of skin disorder on her neck and jaw. I've been calling her scabby for some time as she's quite commonly seen and almost always appears on the camera trap. However, scabby seems a little unfair so I've decided to call her Mable. Mable has a rapidly growing cub who's becoming increasingly independent. When this video was shot she was close enough to hear the noise of her chewing. Simply wonderful to see.

The image below is possibly Mable's semi-independent cub, who's often first to appear but is quite flighty until the adults turn up. Here the cub is having a good scratch.

An atypical view of a badger. Atypical in that it has its nose lifted from the ground.

And the final badger image is one I'd been hoping for that night, a nice portrait format of a foraging badger.

... and just for a bit of variety here's a female Muntjac deer which made a very late arrival at the sett. The 1DX made a wonderful job of catching this image. I took one shot, because i knew she would leave on the first sound and the light was very low at 9pm in a woodland. 1/25th at ISO4000. Such a shame about that branch.

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